The Escape from danger

            Last night, I had a strange dream. It was set an alternative, where celebrities were normal people, but this place was different. The unnamed place was a dystopia, and everyone is to be a slave to the state. However, a group of rebels weren’t going to comply and realized that destroying society was going to be dangerous. It was best to try to escape, but on the way they knew they need a way to escape. There were 2 ways, destroy the dystopian society or escape. I learn there was a way to do both, saving those that can be saved.

            The story is told in first-person, but I never knew the name of the person who is telling the story. Clues are all around the story on the identity of the story-teller. It was showed as a diary on the journey on how the person made the escape from a world that was more dangerous than what it was thought. I only learn of the name, just before she was about to be attack by some unknown object after she was able to escape from the cold society. I never learn her fate, afterwards.